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Furnace Maintenance

How often ? Why is it important ?

These are the most common questions that we are asked in regards to Furnace Maintence. Lets take the first question and deal with that first . A furnace , or any Heating system should be cleaned and inspected once each year, it is vital to the heating systems operating condition. A dirty Heating system will result in poor operating condition , more break downs, costly repairs and lower effeiciency.WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?? It is important because : reduces the probabilty of a costly break down when you need it the most : Yearly maintence will extend the life of the Heating System: maintains the effeiciency of the Heating system : Gives you advanced notice of a possible part failure and allows to be proactive instead of having to deal with an emergency in the middle of the night . To summarize , think of it like this you would never dirve your car for 2 or 3 years with out changing the oil right , we all know the end result of that $$$$$. So why would we ignore the lifeblood of your home , the system that keeps you Warm and comfortable on those Freezing cold days , the system that protects your plumbing from freezing up and bursting .. Barengos Heating and Refrigeration offers Furnace clean and checks for as low as $68.00 , Now that is a sound investment . Call Today !! Protect your Home ! Reduce the risk of a break down. 262-654-3563

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