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Keeping you cool & comfortable all Summer long.

Is your Air Conditioning system not operating? Running non-stop with no relief from the heat? When you need prompt reliable A/C repairs, the Air Conditioning Specialist at Barengo's Heating & Refrigeration LLC. are on the way! Our experienced technicians deliver reliable repairs and exceptional service.


Time for a NEW system, or UPGRADE? A new High Effiency Air Conditioning System will reduce run time and electrical consumption, resulting in a savings on your Energy bill. We sell and Intall name brand "Made in Americ Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment. We offer up to 10 years Parts &  Labor warranty's on New Equipment.

CAll today for more information and Scheduling.


Air Conditioning Repair

A problem with your furnace or air conditioner could quickly become a real emergency. We offer prompt and professional 24-hour emergency service at no additional cost!

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